Larson Hill fire

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Larson Hill fire

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On Sunday I had occasion to head to Merritt in the G35.

I could not believe the size of the of the Larson Hill fire, and that is only what I could see from the road...WOW!!!

Still smoldering in so many hot spots, my pictures don't do it justice at all. There were many places where it had jumped the #5 highway, which was used as the fire break.

I parked in the Boston Pizza lot in Merritt, where right next to that was the helicopter staging area for fire fighting, copters coming and going constantly.

In places, where the fire did not actually burn the trees, you could see the heat baked them to golden, making it look like fall colours.

I did not see one police car the whole trip there and back, with most traffic running 130-140.

The other thing that was hard to ignore was the XL Pipeline construction, ripping some nice parts of the Coke to oblivion, specially at the trail head for the NEEDLES hike. Staggering when you actually see the scale of equipment required for the project..and that is just from Bridal Falls to the top of the Coke, where it heads over the mountain to follow another valley to Merritt and beyond.

Great road trip in the G, it just loves to sit at 140!
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Re: Larson Hill fire

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Keith, my son and I drove that section on the Sunday it blew up. We must have just got through before they closed it. I wish I had pictures, it was apocalyptic.
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