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Re: "The Shed"

Posted: 11 May 2017 14:37
by Byron510
It's been some time since I've updated this thread. Electrical work progressed through the winter, and boy it felt like a very long winter. Actually it was a very long winter season as in we actually got winter when normally Vancouver escapes the below freezing temps and snow. In any case, it was often difficult to get motivated to be out there when the wire was so cold it wouldn't pull through the studs, and I kept breaking the electrical boxes because the place was so cold that I'd snap the plastic tabs off when pushing the wire through them. At any rate, I persevered.

The pulling of wire was a basic job - made lots of chips drilling through the studs - thanks to Glen for letting me use his hi torque 90 degree drill - worked great. Went absolutely dream crazy on the electrical layout. The walls all got plugs every 4 feet around the entire shop. Three of the walls have all plugs at the 4' lever so that they are above the benches. All plugs are wired for 20A, including 14 gauge wire, breakers and the plug ins themselves. I put 3x 8-3 wires in for the fork lift charger, compressor and small lathe (all on 40A breakers. Then I wired a 6-3 run for the welder and placed it on a 60A breaker for the TIG.

IMG_8663 (Medium).JPG
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IMG_8664 (Medium).JPG
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IMG_8665 (Medium).JPG
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For the lights I am going to install 12x 4tube T5 high bay lights, so the electrical boxes were all placed in the ceiling with the appropriate blocking to support the lights. 12-2 wire was pulled and stapled, as there was no need to do otherwise wire size wise with the light electrical load. 4 strings of three lights, individually switched were wired in. Then outside I was going to place 3 flood lights onto the driveway pointing west, and two facing north into the back yard for lighting should the kids want to play at night. Then I was going to add 2 more security flood lights at each corner NW and SW. When Glen came out, he felt that 3 security lights down the west side and 2 on the north side would be ample, as these can be simply switched to stay on. It was a great idea, so this was all wired and electrical boxes mounted in the soffits as well. I now had one switch open, which became an inside security light which will have a low wattage bulb installed and simply remain on. Lastly I will place a light over the man door on the outside - I have a plan for this one to be released later this summer - hopefully light activated. I did wire a small handful of the plugs in the shop, Glen did the bulk of the wiring in the boxes while I pulled and secured wire. Running nice looking wire in the walls was pretty straight forward, but keeping things near up in the ceiling wasn't as successful.

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Posted: 11 May 2017 15:05
by Byron510
So to bring us up to date, and as noted above - the lights are on!

By the end of Monday, we had power to the shop. This line work needed to be done by someone in the know - so the conections to the breaker boxes was farmed out. Below is what you will recall was the status as of the beginning of last winter outsode the house main breaker panel ;

Services at the house.jpg
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Well, to start with the cable hanging on the side of the wall that was powering a sub panel in the basement was redirected underground with a new tech cable, and then protected further with a chunk of PVC on both sides up 4' from ground level - tech cable now buried with the 250M cable in the service trench. That cleaned things up quite a bit.
Next the junction box was placed above the gas meter and the 3" pipe containing the 250M - 200A cable was installed. Here connectors are crimped to 2 O copper wires running into the main breaker panel through the 90 degree fitting shown which terminated directly into the main breaker panel on a 125A breaker. For those in the electrical know, this wire is good to 170A, so if this breaker starts having trouble, I'll have to have a customer breaker made as 125A is as high as Siemens goes for this box in normal stock. I really wanted a 150 ot 175, but no such animal exists - it would be custom made. In any case, this looks a whole lot better on the outside now.

IMG_8660 (Medium).JPG
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Then the panel in the Shed was finished, and all connections made from the 250M feed wires and connections for all plug & light switches we'd previously done. At the end of the day Monday, the main switch was thrown, and all light fixtures checked. Everything was perfect - awesome. For the first time ever I could simply switch on the lights at the door. And there is sufficient power to run the saw and other equipment which has been struggling on the end of 100-200' of extension cord from the beginning of this project. That long extension cord really drops the available amperage. And quietly this extension cord shown below which has had no fewer than 5 plugs burned off the end of it throughout this project. Notice that I've had to splice more cord on it just to get the plug back inside the shop this whole time!

IMG_8648 (Medium).JPG
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IMG_6476 (Medium).JPG
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At any rate, this cord was quietly rolled up and taken out of service Monday evening with little fanfare. It's done well, but I'm happy it's retired and I have proper power now available.

IMG_8647 (Small).JPG
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Posted: 11 May 2017 15:17
by Byron510
So the last electrical item was the exterior lights. I purchased these from Costco on Tuesday for $45 each - bought 5 of them. They are a 2 stage light, having a Halo low power beam once it gets dark, and when tripped they kick up to 2500 lumens each - and since they are LED, they are quite efficient.

So Glen calls me up yesterday afternoon while I'm prepping veggies for the 510 Day burgers, and he states we need to get the lights installed for the nights festivities. i think this is a great offer, so over he comes at 3 in the afternoon and we start installing them - was done in an hour with both of us up the ladders. And I have to say they work pretty well. Reducing to the 5 lights in total was driven by Glen, and I support that his decision was a good one, and the installation looks pretty good as well. It's a shame these were not available in black, and I was hoping they'd be bright enough to do mechanical work in the dark - but they are not that bright having been mounted 14' up in the air. But they work well. I'll have to take a photo tonight. what do you all think of the while colour?

IMG_8662 W arrows.JPG
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I think it's ok against the shiny metal siding and doesn't stand out much.

Anyways, security camera's are next, and I can start getting the electrical and framing permits signed off. This is a good thing for sure.

Power is sure nice, it was a great place to stand last night for the group of 510 Day celebrators.


Re: "The Shed"

Posted: 11 May 2017 19:25
by Chickenman
Danged impressive Byron. All your hard work is paying off :-)

Re: "The Shed"

Posted: 11 May 2017 22:29
by Heinrich
good work.

Re: "The Shed"

Posted: 11 May 2017 22:50
by 510rob
(pssst, don't forget to pull a few wires for some speakers)

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Posted: 06 Dec 2017 10:44
by mex510
Hi Byron!

New to the Forum over here, spent most of my morning looking at your "The Shed" project. It certainly is an amazing project you have going on over there. Congrats on that my friend. Hopefully I can do something like that one day. Hopefully you can post soon.


Re: "The Shed"

Posted: 06 Dec 2017 16:33
by 510rob
updates! updates! we want updates!