New left lane legislation goes into effect today!

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Re: New left lane legislation goes into effect today!

Post by bertvorgon » 16 Jun 2015 07:29

That is exactly it. Not one of my neighbours comes even close to where I work and for me, to even begin to take a bus would be almost a 1:45.00+ journey, one way, as opposed to my 30 minute drive. There is no way in hell I would spend and extra 1.5 hours on public transportation, I get a lot done at the end of my day with 1.5 hours.

Even my son in-law tried taking the bus/sky train from South Surrey to the downtown core. Between the waits and other issues TIME is what it is all about, everyone is so busy, the transit time so long in most corridors. Everyone goes in a million different directions all day, that can never be fixed.

Then there is the issue of house pricing, which has forced so called affordability WAY out the valley. There is not one house on my street now that is below a million dollars, what family can afford that?

We have made the car our personal cocoon for a few hours a day and that is not going to change in a few lifetimes yet. As long as fuel is still relatively cheap, we will jump into these things.

I think it is hysterical, that they did not keep going with the four laning out past 200Th, you come screaming down the highway at 110...then..BAM...dead stop so everyone can try to merge into the 2 lanes of the 60 year old highway. 2 LANES.....for the major highway draining the city..that's laughable.
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