running on vapor?

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Re: running on vapor?

Post by bertvorgon » 16 Jul 2015 16:30

HYDROGEN..I played with and used a LOT of hydrogen back in the 70's, for something to do with my work.

It goes boom real nice and makes a very yellow flame....

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Re: running on vapor?

Post by 510rob » 16 Jul 2015 16:47

The irony about contraptions like that hydrogen bubble thing is that they need their customers to trust one thing (that they work) and mistrust another thing (that the solution has been found but hidden away, and that big oil has planned a massive conspiracy).

The problem isn't the fuel itself, nor the mixture ratio, nor anything else besides the fact that the basic [chemical fuel]-->[torque output] transduction mechanism has an inherently low efficiency.

Fix that dismally low efficiency and you can neatly sidestep the fuel problem. But you will also have to consider the energy density of any alternate prime source as part of any solvable and practical solution.

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