Mazda 5 clutch options - input requested

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Mazda 5 clutch options - input requested

Post by Byron510 » 27 Aug 2015 00:31

I know this isn’t a Mazda forum – but from what I was searching tonight, their sites suck….I’m just likely not in the right place. However I need some input from those in the know, and who have been here;
So after 100k, my family van needs a clutch. It’s a 2009 Mazda 5 van. If any of you have some experience or input, it would be nice. Normally I am an OEM kind of guy, however research has put the OEM parts as suspect, brining me away from my realm of comfort. If you have some knowledge specifically on the Mazda 5 clutches, please let me know.

So, options other than OEM (Rockauto) are from lowest cost (clutch kit);

Excedy 154
AMS 193
Luk 199
Beck and Arney 205
Sachs 233

Specifically for Mazda, have any of you guys had personal input into any of these brands?

Likely I’ll need the flywheel machined, the flywheel has started to slip already, and likely that means the surface is screwed.
Also, I have read that the clutch slave is internal – should it be done at the same time? ($50-114 range)
Input is much appreciated. I wish my new shop was done, this job doesn’t look fun.

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