Whistler and Vancouver holiday.

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Whistler and Vancouver holiday.

Post by KiKiIchiBan » 05 Sep 2016 11:56

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Off topic but I guess that's what this section of the forum is for.

I'm planning a trip over to beautiful British Columbia in March for my birthday :D

I know a few of you are local ish, anyone got recommendations for a place to stay? For Whistler, don't want to be too far out of town, not because we're crazy kids but growing up riding in France we do like a bit of apres but mainly for eating out. We'd rather self catered as I don't eat dairy, wheat, gluten or anything processed (yes I know one of those) not fussed if hotel or apartment. No pull out beds though, seen a few 4star hotels with them :?

Vancouver. No idea where to stay, we want to go there at the end of the trip for a couple night to chill and see what the city is like, not just see the airport. I also want to see a Canucks game, decent meal out and do something cultural. How well connected is the city? We're in London now so got the underground, busses and cabs galore. Want to impress the girlfriend so that she re thinks our decision, leaving the alps for London and maybe we should go to B.C, taking the Coupe with me.

Dates are March 4th - 14th

My Bluebird SSS Coupe #25

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