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Posted: 11 Dec 2016 18:13
by funwithmonkeys
yup the 409's. I up-sized them a bit to 215/55R16. They are a great tire in the snow.


Posted: 12 Dec 2016 03:43
by bertvorgon
It's 3;30 am, the snow plow(s) are keeping me awake as they try and keep Columbia clear ( bus route) I would say there are 3-4" of snow on my van right now/ I figured I might as well get up, have some coffee and go into work real early to avoid the traffic mayhem which is coming this morning. Temp is 0 c. with blowing snow from the North east, Richmond does not look too bad, but, sometimes it is hard to tell with the traffic cams. Getting out of South Surrey/ Whiterock is crazy at the best of times.

I know they predicted snow for the Valley but obviously all the new super computer modeling is not worth the transistors they are made of. I swear the new computer just controls a robotic arm that opens a they can look out and see what the weather is doing.... :lol:

Oh well, I can swap out the starter motor on the 510, watch some Russian dash cam crash videos, eat, and drink lots of coffee.

Keep you posted on the drive....


Posted: 12 Dec 2016 06:42
by bertvorgon
I made it in to work well ahead of the traffic, sounds like it is starting to get bad in traffic. I only saw a taxi can spun 180 degrees on #99. Still snowing lightly here in Richmond.

Jackknifed semi on #99 at 8th, which has stopped most traffic heading to the Border. Cars in the median now on #99, so the rubber necker's will slow traffic. a broken down semi on the Alex Fraser is DONE for the commute....

One tip with the cold weather predicted for the next few days, -9 C, is make sure your car door rubbers have had a shot of silicone or teflon spray, that will keep the doors from freezing shut with all this snow and and moisture that gets into the door jams and the door seals.


Posted: 12 Dec 2016 07:21
by Byron510
We didn't get much out in Maple Ridge overnight - barely a skim. But the rain did freeze to the cars, had to chip the ice off the windshield this morning to get the wife to the train. I am so thankful I don't commute any more, I can only dream that it stays this way - snow or not!

I am glad to see the snow this year, it's been a few years since we had any that stuck around for more than a few hours. The Armada isn't armed with winter tires, so it sits like a frozen lump in the driveway - haven't even attempted to clear anything off of it since the first snow last week. My yellow Xterra had a distributor problem 3 weeks ago, came home on the hook. Got that fixed only to have the rad fail, but a replacement was only $130 (can’t believe they can produce a rad for that!). The new rad and thermostat didn't solve the overheating problem. Two days later I'm followed by a huge cloud of white...turns out the rad failed because it has a blown head gasket! Truck got parked, and I bought another Xterra (Grey 2000) for $1200 and threw my good winter tires on it. Initially I bought it as a parts truck for the motor, but it runs/drives so good that i think I'll just keep driving it and do a proper repair on the yellow Xterra - take my time and rebuild the top end correctly, and change the clutch and all hoses while the engine is out. In the end it’ll have a new rad and distributor, I’ll problem get another 5 or 10 years or more out of it if the body makes it!

But I am happy to have a 4wd winter beater with good snow tires for this recent weather. And the girls and kids are loving it. I have two exchange students, one each from Spain and Thailand - neither have seen snow before, so it's pretty exciting for them. And of course my own two kids at 7 and 10 love the snow as well, as it's hardly ever seen here in Vancouver. Here's a photo of my daughter and my Spanish girl making snow angles in the driveway. And the Boston terrier just goes nuts when I throw her outside - the magic of snow :-) The ice lump behind the lighted bush is the Armada!
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Posted: 18 Dec 2016 16:31
by bertvorgon
Another snowy day here, looking out my window this morning, got about an inch here last night, still lightly snowing, right on 0C. right now.