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Re: Variable compression engines

Posted: 14 Dec 2016 16:31
by 510rob

Re: Variable compression engines

Posted: 16 Dec 2016 09:33
by icehouse
Three B's Racing wrote: Recently watched an episode of "How Its Made Super Cars on the Tesla S". You realize the size of the battery? it weighs some 1200lbs and occupies pretty much the entire under carriage except for front and rear suspension areas. Yeah lots of people aren't fans of Nuclear which is cool but don't go "No Nukes" instead "Know Nukes" I work at one in NH and it is the #1 best ran Plant in the Nation I love working here, it's safe and reliable. Expensive yeah maybe but the town our Plant is in has the lowest property tax in Southern NH because of the Plant and I like that.
Yeah the battery is heavy, the overall weight is almost exactly the same as the other cars in it's class, luxury sedans are so heavy! The Tesla roadster weighted 2800 lbs and with the new batter well over 340-380 miles on a charge.

I'm with Rob on Nuclear power. scary!

Re: Variable compression engines

Posted: 16 Dec 2016 13:26
by 510rob
Who said I am against Nuclear Power? I'm not.

I'm not against pipelines either.

I'm not against anything when that thing is done right.

I'm against shitty pipelines that fail.

I'm against building a nuclear power plant on a coastal city that is prone to earthquakes, then putting a 5m retaining wall against tsunamis, but building the station so that the control electronics are placed in the basement (hint - Fukushima).

I'm against running a nuclear power plant that has not had it's backup safety system fully and properly tested BEFORE running that station at full power for years, but then running the safety tests on it many years later while it is live on the national power grid, but being VERY disorganized about running the tests and MASSIVELY fucking up (hint - Chernobyl). (also, refer to Nassim Taleb's theories on convexity or what he coined 'Antifragility').

I'm often told things like "the real world doesn't work like that", so perhaps I'm a dreamer or an idealist.

Who knew a >5m tsunami would hit Fukushima and flood the room that held all of the electrical/electronics systems controlling the plant? Black swan!

Who knew a shift change at midnight would not get the directions that a critical safety test was being performed to test the backup diesel generators response gap time and that the main turbines needed to be running at full rated RPM in order to run the cooling pumps for a mere 45 seconds? The shift change at Chernobyl sure didn't know. Black swan.

BP Gulf of Mexico. Was that a mistake, or was that poor leadership overfocused on profits? Black swan?

Pipes break, plants fail, mistakes happen.

Read some of the books written by this guy - he's the kind of smart that the world needs to properly move forward...

Re: Variable compression engines

Posted: 21 Dec 2016 05:02
by Three B's Racing
A quick very broken down cause explanation

Control electronics are in the Control Room not in some basement as I'm sure is the case at Fukushima which is the case at all US Plants. Fukushima's issue was loss of Plant power which also ment no pumps to circulate water in and out of spent fuel pools to keep cool where unusable but highly still active spent fuel bundles are kept. This allowed water to sit which then began to boil dropping water levels, exposing spent fuel bundles, creating H2 gas concentration that popped the tops of the buildings sending fuel bundles flying which are still extremely active and beyond dangerious. Reason of no power was the emergency diesel generators fuel tanks were contaminated with sea water so no generators. So they were on backup battery power which only last so long and they couldn't get power to temporary generators setup in time before the shit. All systems at that plant worked as designed cept for contaminated fuel and diesel generators as that was never expected as you said Rob nor was a Sumani. The Russians are assholes in that they failed before they began at Chernobyl. Here in the States all safety systems are checked and rechecked before any licenses are given for full power and the NRC assures that. Last full lic was given to Seabrook Station in 1990 where I'm at, next one will be in SC.

Radiation is good in that it creates glowing personalities 8>o