BC vote! and auto X ?

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BC vote! and auto X ?

Postby RMS » 08 May 2017 18:18

Not trying to stir up any political debates but I asked around and only the YPP responded in a way I liked. being a car guy the only thing I care about is cars and car related things.

my question was : what is your stance on translink allowing sanctioned auto events (autoX) in their parking lots ?

the YPP replied : In general I am in support of this. Being able to accommodate safe outlets for street racing enthusiasts at other locations, if it can be shown to reduce illegal street racing should also be allowed. I'm thinking of Industrial areas where streets could be shut down during late evenings for sanctioned events as long as proper insurance is obtained for participants. YPP is in favour of providing British Columbians the opportunity to use underutilized government infrastructure for their interests if it doesn't cost the government anything and if it is done in a safe and respectful way for the public. After all this infrastructure belongs to you.

who ever you vote for get out and vote! last election 53% did not vote and the majority party won with 51% of the votes. so about 26% of BC dictates to the rest.
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Re: BC vote! and auto X ?

Postby funwithmonkeys » 09 May 2017 11:38

It would great if there were more events for us to get our cars out and run them like they are meant to be.
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Re: BC vote! and auto X ?

Postby Byron510 » 09 May 2017 12:39

Interesting - we used to use a Translink lot and weer told to go elsewhere a number of years back (Scott Rd Sky Train). The facility worked absolutely awesome for us. But we were turned away 4 years ago. As I was the key organizer dealing with Translink, they simply told me that there was a change in political thinking and that Translink no longer supported such events on their premises as it was felt to not be politically comparable with what Translink was trying to achieve.

So....a change in direction?

But I absolutely agree with you - get out and vote!

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Re: BC vote! and auto X ?

Postby bertvorgon » 09 May 2017 16:32

well, I did my thing today, boarded up the cabin after banking the fire, walked the 20 miles uphill, fighting some wolves and the odd mad moose, to ole' Itch'in Magee's cabin to vote. He offered me some Yukon Jack to sip on but I said we could not do that in a place of voting, so we went outside on the porch.

I then trundled the 20 miles uphill back to the ole' cabin, only having to deal with one wolverine.

I will stoke up the fire to take the spring chill off, crack my own bottle of Yukon Jack, fiddle with the rabbit ears and hope the snow storm subsides so I might get the results on the old RCA 12" B+W. I really should try to upgrade to a 19" incher, that would be spectacular! I hear they make them in colour now.
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