Insane wind storm in White Rock

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Re: Insane wind storm in White Rock

Post by Byron510 » 25 Dec 2018 23:54

bertvorgon wrote:
23 Dec 2018 16:53
That was my brothers truck, then he got a 620, then started into a long ownership of Toyota FJ40's.

As they lived in Telegraph Cove, a truck was way more practical than a car.
Geez, did I buy your brothers old truck for my wife this past summer. Red and identical West Coast mirrors. Was told it was an Island truck it’s whole life.

Pretty funny, but a good photo.

But a shame about the landmark tree.

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Re: Insane wind storm in White Rock

Post by bertvorgon » 26 Dec 2018 09:50

Morning World,

Would that not be beyond funny if it was my brothers truck. It was in good shape when he sold it to buy the 620, as he made a huge amount of money one summer on a seine boat in the Broughton Straights.

here is a picture of my 73 right after it came out of Andy's for the Westwood crash repair, the HL510 I bought my Mom, my Wife's 1970 Auto, and my brothers first FJ40. This was taken in 1984.
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