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Re: Bike rides

Posted: 03 Oct 2017 13:34
by bertvorgon
I just was down washing one of my vehicles...and you know what animal I am MOST afraid of...????

The HUMAN one!

Matt's 1st Tracker was stolen and wrecked, from one of the local trailheads here on the lower mainland.

Go look at the warning posted on the Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park's not about bears....

July 4, 2017: Break-ins at the Post Creek trailhead parking lot
Due to a recent influx in break-ins at the Post Creek trailhead parking lot (Lindeman-Greendrop & Flora Lake Trails), visitors are reminded not to leave any valuables in their vehicles, including in glove boxes and center consoles. Instead – leave them at home or carry on your person.

I realized we worry most about the human shits out there, when we park and leave our vehicle for days on end. Not what animal we might run into. Every trailhead now has signs posted about not leaving anything in your vehicle and many times you see all the broken window glass lying on the ground.....

The local 100 miles radius blast zone of Vancouver is a cesspool of garbage and waste on most trails, why we drive 300 miles and 7 hours to get away from it. The last hike we did, which was a major work out, had not one piece of garbage, not even a wayward power bar wrapper. That says something to us, the serious outdoor people still respect the wonderful places given to us. The weekend warriors of Vancouver hike so they can post some stupid picture on Facebook or Twitter, then use their phone to call for help..because they are too tired to walk their sorry ass back down.... in their flip-flops. I feel for the North Shore Rescue people.

My rant for the day!

Re: Bike rides

Posted: 04 Oct 2017 21:48
by iceD
Well said

ice D

Re: Bike rides

Posted: 05 Oct 2017 13:05
by jason
Errr help?

Re: Bike rides

Posted: 08 Oct 2017 11:22
by bertvorgon
After this discussion of grizzly's, there was an attack up in the Fernie Valley, where Jake Blackmore was attacked and bitten by a sow and her cubs. He surprised them, he is lucky, as he was able to hip shoot and grazed her head, scaring her off. Lots of heavy ground cover there and that is the worst scenario.