Rules & Guidelines for Posting to Classifieds Section

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Rules & Guidelines for Posting to Classifieds Section

Post by 5teN » 29 Jun 2003 12:55

Rules for Posting to Classifieds Section --> Please try to follow the suggested format as much as seems reasonable. Also, keep this idea in mind - if your post is missing (too much) of the following data, a mod might come along and delete the post for the lack of effort on your part. Dec 10, 2010

Suggested Standard Topic Title Format:
  • [WTB/WTS/WTT/etc]: - [Item] - [Location] - [Price]
    • --> People should be able to just scan the titles to see if it interests them, and not have to open it to find out that it is 2000 miles away, or costs $49000, or that the guy actually wants one, for free.
Use one of the following acronyms at the beginning of your subject line
  • WTB = want to buy
    WTS = want to sell
    = want to trade
DESCRIBE what you are trying to sell with more than six words
  • --> Simply stating "510 for sale. call for details." is not enough, and a mod might arbitrarily erase that kind of post.
    --> Put a brief description in the title line, then give a decent description in the body of your first post in the thread
You must include a location
  • --> If you don't, then don't be surprised to find your thread arbitrarily erased by a mod.
    --> At least put your approximate location, or the location of the item for sale, or where you are, or something!
    --> You don't need to be a total extrovert, but put something more than nothing!
Posting a Price
  • --> This is not eBay, so please post a price, and include 'firm' or 'obo' or 'open to trades' if you wish
Datto Related Clause
  • --> Classified postings should be remotely related to Dattos. After all, this is a Datsun specific website.
    --> If your post is not directly related, justify why you think it is Datto related.
    --> This is a peer-reviewed democratic website, so this policy will be enforced as necessary...
Thread Pruning
  • --> If a classified thread becomes bloated with bickering, the moderators will probably prune the non-relevant chatter and mud-slinging
One of the forums I belong to set up the classified area so that all new threads had a template (basically a draft of a proper ad that was modified by the user to suit the post) of all the info people should be posting. Not sure if this forum can be set up that way, but it worked on this site. Within 6 mos, the majority of ads all followed the same format.
Here is what you get when you click 'new thread':

If you are selling a vehicle, please use the template below. All fields must be filled out, if you do not know some details of your vehicle go find out before posting. Please also ensure you have pictures as many people will ask for them. If you haven't done so already, make sure your subject line is in this format: \"FS: YEAR COLOR MAKE MODEL TRIM\" (example: FS: 1993 Black Honda Civic DX)

Remove this entire notice before posting!
***[ END NOTICE ]***

Vehicle Details
  • Year :
    Make and Model :
    Exterior Color :
    Interior Color :
    Auto or Manual? :
    Odometer Reading :
    Location of Vehicle :
    Description :
    Extras :
    Asking Price :

    Contact Information
    E-Mail :
    Phone : (optional)

    Pictures :

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Re: Rules & Guidelines for Posting to Classifieds Section

Post by 5teN » 13 Dec 2010 22:53

Ok I've got the template thing working for the classifieds forum! Open to suggestions on if it should change.

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