brakes pulsing

Suspension, including wheel, tire and brake.
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Re: brakes pulsing

Post by Sleepys-14 » 03 Nov 2013 05:37

Also, Stoptech has some really good article here. I learn a decent amount just from these articles. ... ite-papers
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Re: brakes pulsing

Post by 68 Wagon » 03 Nov 2013 17:05

Well, as it turns out the inside of the right rear rotor was funky. I could see where the pad was not contacting maybe an 8 inch arc out near the edge of the rotor. I took both rears to O'Reilys, had them surfaced, and presto problem gone. Yay. I also checked both of them for run out when reinstalling and they were spot on.

I have been doing brake jobs, upgrades, etc. for years and this is the first one that stumped me. I may have warped that rotor right off the bat but my crummy memory still says I drove it enough after the hard stops to cool off the rotors.

Thanks so much for the input folks. I promise to look really hard next time I have a problem before coming here and getting everyone all stirred up.
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Re: brakes pulsing

Post by tr6racer21 » 03 Nov 2013 17:17

Glad to hear that you got it figured out! Nothing worse than a vibration like that...kind of unnerving.

Didn't stir me up any...thats what this group is here for...helping each other out, no mater how much experience or lack of it each one of us has. Sometimes as individuals we can't see the forest through the trees....but with other perspectives things become clear!

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Re: brakes pulsing

Post by James » 03 Nov 2013 23:08

This place is for questions. Don't worry about it, Often posting a simple question here will answer something for someone else who was unwilling to post it. Everyone has experiences with this stuff, so the info is good.
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