Mint: Classic Datsun Books For Sale

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Mint: Classic Datsun Books For Sale

Postby nelsone » 27 Aug 2016 10:25

Hi All,

Sold the 510 years ago. Have the last remaining vestiges of her in excellent to "MINT" classic Datsun books. Time to give them up. Hopefully, they will go to a real aficianado or historian. #4 and #5 are especially noteworthy. These 2 books are worth the whole lot. Selling as a lot as I want to make this painless. $125.00.

1) Clymber Publications - Datsun Service/Repair Handbook (510 and pickup) 1968-1972

2) How to Hotroad & Race your Datsun (Revised Edition)

3) How to Modify your Nissan/Datsun OHC (Nissan Part Number 99996-M8012)

4) SERVICE MANUAL DATSUN Model 510 Series (Chassis and Body) - Printed in Japan. Original Service Manual

5) SERVICE MANUAL Model L13, L16 & L20 (Engine) - Printed in Japan. Original Service Manual

6) How to keep your Datsun L Series/Z Series Nissan Alive.

Interested, send me a private message and I will send you pics or you can take my word for it regarding condition.

Regards, Nelson.

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