Subaru R160 LSD

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Re: Subaru R160 LSD

Post by iceD » 06 Oct 2016 13:05

FYI I got that information from the parts guy at Rocket Racing in Squamish. Very nice and informative.

ice D

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Re: Subaru R160 LSD

Post by Byron510 » 06 Oct 2016 23:10

Byron510 wrote:
iceD wrote:Below is a list of Subaru R160 LSD diff information. The model and year of car and ratios.

00-01 RS MT: 4.111
00-01 RS AT: 4.444
02-05 WRX MT: 3.545
06-07 WRX MT: 3.7
02-05 WRX AT: 4.111
06-07 WRX AT: 3.9

The following cars came with a drop in R-160 LSD assy: 27020AA050
2000 RS - optional
2001 RS - optional
02-07 WRX - standard equipment

Just for your information.

ice D

Hi all,

Maybe it's time to update this somewhat. Does anyone know of a list of CLSD's R160 or R180 that are available to us today and exactly what cars they came out of? I just spent 2 hours on the forums and didn't find a conclusive answer at all. Maybe just in the wrong place.

The question keeps coming up, and this must be the right place to put the answer.

Thanks everyone.


Did the guy at Rocket note which were CLSD, opposed to the VSLD?

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Re: Subaru R160 LSD

Post by Three B's Racing » 07 Oct 2016 05:04

I got this from Dave Patten of FutoFab fame when inquiring about his axles for the Subi diffs and which diffs there for.

These are strictly STI models only, 2 ratios, 3.90 (04-05) and 3.545 (06-15) and come with either a CLSD (04-07) or Torsen LSD (08-15).
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Re: Subaru R160 LSD

Post by okayfine » 07 Oct 2016 06:05

None of the RS or WRX diffs listed above are CLSD. '98 and '99 RSs the LSD was optional, but standard on '00 and '01 cars.
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Re: Subaru R160 LSD

Post by iceD » 08 Oct 2016 09:46

I don't remember which was which Byron. You guys had a dyno day there once I think.

ice D

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