Peach City Car show, Penticton

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Re: Peach City Car show, Penticton

Post by 66DUCE » 25 Jun 2017 20:39

Hey Kieth, nice to meet up with you agian! that was the same guy that was cruising... the WARBIRD! found you in amougst the Mote Carlo crowd! great to see you again, would have been nice to try to catch you on the twisties back home. I left the 510 for mama to drive (strange but she was stopped in save on parking lot by a 30 something to take a photo of my (our) 510) she said she wished she had the convince of air conditioning LOL!!!

Thinking about your battery problem, if I remember correctly that is a maintenance free battery? if??? you can take off the caps you can measure the individual voltage of each cell should be 2.1Volts per cell, (measure with a voltmeter in the electrolyte) I would assume by your type of problems since I have known you that the battery may have a sulfated cell? It usually turns up after the car has been in use but can also happen at any time??? If some of your friends close to you also have a smart battery tester they could also see that it has a dead cell? Midtronics tester would be the ideal tester for this. Hope you get this worked out so you can be more confident in driving your car long distances :) :)

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Re: Peach City Car show, Penticton

Post by bertvorgon » 25 Jun 2017 20:55

Hey Greg, thanks for the info, I am going to pull that darn thing out and check it up the ying yang.

Knox....starts ok at plant and Daughters...does not crank on freeway...starts all day after that.

sits for a month on battery maintainer, fart around with lights on(bright) horns loud, etc.

Penticton..start at plant..twice...sits overnight at daughters...does not crank. cranks INSTANTLY with Motomaster battery problem rest of the day with 11 starts.

I have never had this worry and worry it is that it will not start...I should say CRANK, as my car starts just fine, as you saw when I got bump started.

Nice to see yah
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Re: Peach City Car show, Penticton

Post by 66DUCE » 25 Jun 2017 21:09

Yes get it checked out by someone that has this kind of device otherwise it is hit and miss as you have already found out!

We need to go for another drive BEFORE your aforementioned Fort Casey. I can PM you my number and we could get together for another drive? maybe some other Maple Ridge guys will also be inclined to go :0 Hint hint! I think some other 510's are insured? I don't mind the insanely early leave times!! (as long as we can get into calm (no) traffic)?
Glad you made it home safe and sound! you must hold the record for longest & most KM driven in a day!!

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Re: Peach City Car show, Penticton

Post by Idoxlr8 » 25 Jun 2017 22:02

Great story telling as always Keith. Looks like a fantastic event.

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