problem with the PM system?

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problem with the PM system?

Post by SteveEdmonton » 11 Nov 2019 11:44

Is it only me, or is the PM system not working right?

Three times in the last couple of weeks I've replied to guys via PMs-- and heard absolutely nothing in response. Crickets. In two cases, these are guys I've dealt with before, and have been good communicators. Yes, I know it's possible that they just didn't like what I said in my messages! But I really don't think so. I'm guessing they never got them.

Also, just now, I checked PM's again to see if I got a response from yet another guy I sent a note to a couple of days ago. No response. And this time, I can't find a record of the message I sent him either-- not in my "sent messages" folder, nor in my outbox. It's like it just disappeared. (I'm certain I wrote it, really!)

Anybody else been having these kinds of problems lately?
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Re: problem with the PM system?

Post by RMS » 11 Nov 2019 12:57

I was dealing with that last year. Rob looked into it but came back empty... the worst is when you see a new message hit the pm tab and nothing ...?
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Re: problem with the PM system?

Post by bertvorgon » 12 Nov 2019 10:08

I think the site does need a bit of a tune up. I still have to type my log in, even though I have asked it to "remember me". I have tried everything and am stuck in this mode and while no biggie, it was nice just to hit log in and BAM, I'm in.

So far, my PM's have not been a problem for me.
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Re: problem with the PM system?

Post by iceman510 » 12 Nov 2019 13:23

I'm here to admit I didn't respond timely to Steve, but did receive his pm. So at least in my case, not the system but the (non)responder.

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