Paolo's color wiring diagrams available on

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Paolo's color wiring diagrams available on

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Hi Folks,

Paolo Musante/Axsys Technologies Ltd. has made available for download his hi-resolution color wiring diagrams for the Datsun 510. These are vector-based PDFs with layers, allowing you to zoom in very far with great detail, as well as having the ability to turn on/off certain wire colors or components, depending on whether your PDF viewer software allows layered functions. Paolo sells these printed as dual-sided 11x17 laminated reference cards for easy reference. There are 8 PDF files in the set including:

#1 – 1968 510 Sedan
#2 – 1968 510 Wagon
#3 – 1969 510 Sedan
#4 – 1969 510 Wagon
#5 – 1970-72 510 Sedan Automatic
#6 – 1970-72 510 Wagon Automatic
#7 - 1970-72 510 Sedan Manual
#8 - 1970-72 510 Wagon Manual

Downloads available at or if you would like a high quality laminated hard copy contact Paolo directly on the bluebirds mailing list.

Thanks, Derek
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Re: Paolo's color wiring diagrams available on

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I have his full set! FYI he never created the early 1970 510 (first 6 mo's production) or the later 1973 diagrams. I have worked on both an early 1970 & a 1973 over the years & they ARE different! That said, if you buy one of his for one of these two cars, you WILL find discrepancies in wire color codes & actual physical plugs, but are still useful. All of the other diagrams, by application, have come in VERY handy!

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Re: Paolo's color wiring diagrams available on

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Yes, I agree, my true 1973 has thrown me some curves over the years as the diagram does not match my car in some instances.

The diagrams are worth their weight in gold!
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