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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by Kris »

No paypal , how do i donate ? use often and want to chip .........
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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by andrew.lori »

Donated $20.00

At this point I have probably pulled 200x that in very useful information form this forum . And had a few good laughs to :)

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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by Datsun 1600 Nut »

Donated $25.00, thank you very much for keeping this great site running Spencer. I easily spend 3-5 hours a day here, can't get enough of it... 8)

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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by goichi1 »

In light of the recent sale of the coupe and wagon, I have given just a little back....thanks again for all the hard work making this site a great source or information!!

Rich Roberts
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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by Sealik »

Whoops.... :D

Wrong 'browser' :D
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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by 510-Trevor »

Sent in a few $$. Looks like the Realm could use some more space for attachments.
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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by rephresh »

Just donated $25.00. Thanks for all of the hard work!

- A. Westman
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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by JDMonster »

Donation sent!!!!!! Love this forum!!!!!!
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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by butters68 »

just thought it was time to donate to the realm. 20 bucks....
the 510realm has been barri barri good to me. :wink:
ding ding dong dong all night long long.
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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by darcToken »

I have gotten much needed advice and information from the realm... tossed $30 into the donation pot.
hope that helps in keeping the site running :)

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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by fern1 »

Donation sent.. Thanks for taking care of the website, much apreciated. It's priceless info for sure. I'm in it for the long haul. My dad drove datsuns when I was a kid. Now I have 3; a '79 620 (daily d), a '69 510 goon ( cherry 2nd owner) and a '72 510 4 door ( basket case).

Thanks to all the gurus on the 510realm. Putting together my 4 dr would be really tough without you all and this website.
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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by 5spot »

Donation sent. Keep up the great work on the site Spencer. The 510 community appreciates it.
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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by 2manyprojects »

Donated $20...Thanks for access to soooo much info/ideas in 1 location. I've been spending an hour or so a night reading through threads, planning all sorts of stuff for the new '71 2-dr in the future.
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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by StrutlessWonder »

Xmas donation sent. Thanks to Spencer for all of his hard work.
Kurt Hafer
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Re: Donate to The 510 Realm

Post by qwik510 »

Just sent in a donation.

Thanks Spencer.

Come on guys, now is a good time to send a few dollars.
Enjoy The Ride!
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