Stu's 1972 4 Door

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Re: Stu's 1972 4 Door

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I had some plates made up years ago, being lucky to have a steel stamp set at my work that was close to factory, a hair bigger, but I think it looks close to correct. The factory obviously hand stamped those plates, as you can see the numbers are up and down a hair.

Regardless, a NEW plate just looks good and only a purist would know the difference!
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Re: Outer C-pillar vent rebuild

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Stu wrote: 03 Nov 2022 21:26 I bought some aftermarket outer c-pillar vents and they do not come with the snorkel thing that keeps water out of the interior. When I removed my old ones from my vents, I could see that at one time, there was a rubber flap that I think was to be sort of a one way valve. What was left was crusty, shrunk, and cracked. I removed the heat staked heads off the retaining posts, cleaned and repainted the metal shims (pushes the fap open) and replaced the flaps with 0.5mm thick rubber I found on Ebay. Little bit of silicone at the seam at the connection between the vent and snorkel when I reassembled. Not sure any of this will really matter but it made me feel better.

Thanks for making me aware of something I missed noticing when I transferred my backs over to the new vents (these repro vents are very nice btw).

Did you cut the staking material away from the posts, and was there enough post material remaining to re-stake them with the soldering iron? Looks like a job for the inside workbench this winter.

Thanks for the good detail you always include in your explanations.
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