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Need manual choke for L18 carb

Posted: 02 Jul 2022 09:36
by Nerius
Hi all,

I've swapped in a L18 from a Nissan 910 or maybe also known as a Maxima in the American continent. It has an automatic choke which I don't like. Maybe I'm not used to it, but I really want to change it to a manual. I have no luck searching Google to find a kit, so maybe someone here can push me the right way. It's a Nikki carb:
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Re: Need manual choke for L18 carb

Posted: 15 Aug 2022 09:09
by yenpit
If it is possible, you would likely need a "parts carburetor", to ensure you get all the little parts.............again, that is IF you can swap the parts! I should have manual L16 carburetors, HOWEVER I have had two carburetors CONFISCATED by customs over the years, because a carburetor is fuel related, thus COULD have residual fuel in it. Both of the ones I sold & had confiscated were BONE DRY, not a drop of fuel OR fuel smell. They confiscated them solely based on the relationship WITH fuel. I was pissed! I would likely NOT try to ship another carburetor internationally..........

If you figure out L16 manual choke parts will work & exactly what parts would be needed, let me know...........I might be able to help!

FYI the USA only got the L18 in 1974++ in the 620 pick up & the 610. We got the L20B in 1975. MANY L18's were imported from Japan in the 1980's, so they are here. Also, all of our Maxima's were a 6cyl & fuel injected......never a 4cyl ie the L18.

Re: Need manual choke for L18 carb

Posted: 24 Aug 2022 01:16
by Nerius
Bedankt Yenpit,

Maybe I'll keep it like it is. Things are changing upcoming winter with the build (I hope). I'll do some research on what you've mentioned though, who knows I find something. I'll reach out to you if I do!

Re: Need manual choke for L18 carb

Posted: 24 Aug 2022 17:59
by datzenmike
To put a finer point on the L18 it was in the '73 610. The '74 610 was the first use of the L20B in North America. You forgot the 710!! It also had an L18 in '74 just like the 620. Seems odd to only use it for just over one year but the L18 continued to be used worldwide into the '80s.