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Dash removal and tach wiring diagram

Posted: 23 Oct 2022 06:50
by NunoTT

I'm form Portugal and I have a 1973 510 Special. As far as I know, that wasn't an option in the US. The car in question is equipetd with speedo and a clock. The SSS had a tach instead of the clock. I was able to find a SSS cluster for sale, and want to install it in the car. However, I need to know what I have to remove in order to remove the cluster (pics are welcome). I would also like to know if anyone as a wiring diagram for the origianl tach wiring, or if anyone knows if the wiring for the tach is already on the car from factory (I was told that back in the days, many cars came with the same wiring harness dispite of the "extras" they had).

Thanks in advance!

Re: Dash removal and tach wiring diagram

Posted: 23 Oct 2022 19:30
by iceman510
At least in the US, the tachometer was generally sold as as accessory. There was a separate harness that came with it. Any chance the seller of the cluster has it?

To get to the cluster you have to remove the entire surround of the instrument panel. A few screws on the bottom, two going nearly vertical in the tops of the speedo and the tach openings, and some on the end.

Re: Dash removal and tach wiring diagram

Posted: 24 Oct 2022 20:08
by loungin112
Also remove the headlight and wiper knobs.

Go slow. If it doesn't wiggle off easily, stop. Go back and look for more screws. Unplug blinker lights.

After you remove the instrument surround once, you'll have no problem doing it again.

The actual instrument panel is held in with tabs on top and bottom. Unplug speedo cable, pull out slowly as there is a master plug back there. Use Paolo's wiring diagram to get the tach working. While you've got it apart, consider replacing the instrument panel light bulbs with LED...your alternator will thank you.