MSD ulta6 + early induction tach on 510

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MSD ulta6 + early induction tach on 510

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have a question: everything is performing as should with new MSD6 ultra and coil. would like to make my factory 510 tack (early induction style) work properly again. there are some posts on the Z car sights using the 8920 adapter to get around this IF using the magnetic pick up. I have gone back to my old tried and true single point distributor with this system. Has anyone gotten around this problem with the 8920 adapter ? using points as a trigger.
Running the neg side coil trigger from the MSD to the tach (loop) and return to the coil gives a functioning tach but is twice what should be at idle and will only indicate 2/3 of actual RPM at speed.
thought this would be a good place to ask as I don't have high hopes for success with the 8920
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Re: MSD ulta6 + early induction tach on 510

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I've always ran the power for the coil through the tach (In one white wire out the other white wire) and it's always worked fine.
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