Fair Price on DCOEs's?

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Fair Price on DCOEs's?

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As the title implies, I am curious what anyone might offer for a set of DCOE40s.

Found a set relatively close to me for $500 CAD... I know they'll need a manifold, linkage, jets, etc.... So, I surely don't expect to be able to use them any time soon.

Of course, I've seen the ITBs been made from motorcycle carbs and the like, but for something easier to strap on/better known I like the idea of Webers. Plus, they DO look awesome.

Happy to walk away from these, since I would have to go in person to have a look and maybe figure out which of the subvariants they are, which could change the value??

But, if this seems like not a terrible idea, I'd be reasonably happy to pick them up, and make a sure they are clean and functional while keeping an eye out for the rest of the bits they need to become a set.

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