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Dry Sump l20b

Posted: 25 Jan 2024 13:18
by Gmjoy10
I have a b-sedan 510 and we are building a fresh l20b race engine and switching to dry sump. Did any of the trans am, imsa, or scca cars back in the day run dry sumps? Mechanic knows how to set one up but I would like to see what the historic cars did so we can produce one similar to it.

Re: Dry Sump l20b

Posted: 26 Jan 2024 04:23
by iceman510
Chicago area- nice. Where or with which sanctioning body are you planning to run? I'm a VSCDA member. We need more 510s running consistently in the midwest like they have in California. Where did you get the car or is this a new build?

I don't personally recall any, but not a comprehensive answer by any means. There are pictures and some information in the How to Modify book of the Z car parts/setup if I recall correctly.

Re: Dry Sump l20b

Posted: 27 Jan 2024 04:41
by KiKiIchiBan
The book shows one from Electramotive.


Probably be a custom item now, generic pump and tank, make the lines, bracket etc.

ARE sump might still be available ... p-pan-1130

Re: Dry Sump l20b

Posted: 27 Jan 2024 10:22
by bertvorgon
I am sure you are likely aware, but I will mention it anyhow.

Make sure have provision to separate air from the oil if you are not buying a proven setup.

Lots of stuff on the Net of course discussing that.

Re: Dry Sump l20b

Posted: 27 Jan 2024 12:06
by 510rob

Re: Dry Sump l20b

Posted: 28 Jan 2024 16:49
by iceman510
That's cool if that is still available. I might have to consider that eventually.